Xpro-1 to X-E2

The XE-2 kit was on sale recently with many freebies such as leather case, the XF 60mm macro, grip and etc. This makes an already affordable camera better value for money. After I sold off my Xpro-1 body, I bought the XE-2 set. I sold off the XF60mm and the kit lens. I also bought the XF27mm at a great promotional price.
Here are a few thoughts after getting the camera.
Build Quality
The build quality is definitely a notch below that of the Xpro-1. The heavy body of the Xpro-1 does feels much more premium and expensive. The XE-2 feels light and plastic, but still a notch above full plastic compacts. Mounted with a XF27mm, the XE-2 is almost the same size as the X100S/T cameras.
I enjoyed the OVF of the Xpro-1 but the EVF of the XE-2 is bright and clear, and is a welcoming change to my ageing eye.
The most significant improvement will be SPEED. Review speed, AF speed and power on speed, the camera feels much faster and speedier. Coupled with the XF27mm, the AF is almost instantaneous.
What would have been the best X-camera for me will be to combine the built quality of Xpro-1 with the speed and EVF of XE-2. Will Xpro-2 meet the mark? We should see.








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