Project 2012 | Week 47 (Xpro-1 at High ISO – 12800)

The Xpro-1 X-trans sensor is well known for superb high ISO performance. Most photographers have tested the Xpro-1 up to ISO 6400 with little or known issues with noise in the photos. For this week’s project, I decide to push the ISO of the Xpro-1 to 12800, pushing the Xpro-1 out of the “tested” comfort zone. All the photos are taken at a Christmas celebration event – Snow and Bubbles fun, held at a shopping mall nearby (Ang Mo Kio hub). As it is all year Summer where I live (Singapore), most kids can only see snow when they travel overseas, hence the excitement displayed in these machine generated foams and bubbles.



Father and Daughter

Father and Daughter





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7 thoughts on “Project 2012 | Week 47 (Xpro-1 at High ISO – 12800)

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