Malay Village Bazaar










It was a fun weekend spent with the folks at Hibikiya.  It is my first ever musical performance and it was quite an experience. I only have time to grab a few snaps here and there during the two days of rehearsals and performance.








Ricoh GR – Impression after one month

Many years back, when I first started photography, I would have never gotten a 28mm fixed prime lens. The conversation I have with my then photography buddy will go something like:” Why a 28mm, it’s neither wide nor long, neither here nor there”. I would have read about how restricting oneself to a fixed prime lens will help us improve, but I would not have truly understand why and how it will help us.
Fast forward to 2014, what has changed? So much so that I am willing to sink my hard earned dollars into a compact with a 28mm fixed primes lens? When I first got my Ricoh (GRD3) 3 years back, the camera is so intuitive to use that all I need to focus on are creating images. The Ricoh GR has the familiar intuitive user interface that once again re-focuses my effort back on creating images for the past one month.
Photographically, I would like to think that I have “matured” into a better photographer, but looking at this link on Scoopit, I am nowhere near the folks featured. Practice, practice, practice.
















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