Featured in The Inspired Eye

I am thrilled to be featured in issue 13 of the Inspired Eye!!
Beautifully laid out, the 13th issue of Inspired Eye features the work of 9 photographers from around the world. We have Christian Hafer that uses street photography as a creative outlet, Monty Barham from North Carolina and Aaron Paustian that does color work in L.A. Two photographers (Shirren Lim & Olaf Willoughby) give two radically different visions of the same country of Tibet.
John Spencer graciously gives us a trip back in time to 1960′s Cyprus while Gabriele Canfora is interested in urban landscapes. There is also the work of musician Tama Katai, located in Scotland & a wonderful peek at the Hindu festival of Thaipusam, thanks to Luc Pher. The magazine is 156 spreads (305 pages) designed to help you as a photographer by developing your eye, heart and mind.



Malay Village Bazaar










It was a fun weekend spent with the folks at Hibikiya.  It is my first ever musical performance and it was quite an experience. I only have time to grab a few snaps here and there during the two days of rehearsals and performance.









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